“Terra-greca” is an online store that aims to promote quality traditional Greek food products in Belgium.

Consistently and with absolute professionalism we are looking for and constantly discover traditional products from every corner of Greece, and small producers with taste and modern expertise. These are professionals who choose not sacrifice the quality and the purity of their products on the altar of short-sighted profit.
So initially to your screen and then on your doorstep, we bring you our small ‘treasures’ …the purest, traditional and genuine Greek products.
One of our goals is the “made in Greece” to obtain the recognition and importance it deserves. We want to prove that Greece, our Greece, is a blessed place where its specific and diverse climatic and soil conditions contribute to the production of unique products of unparalleled taste.
With the certainty that we recommend you only of high quality, pure products, we want to make sure that the authentic food culture of Greece will reach Belgium, too. We want to make known the authentic Greek products to as many people as possible, that stand out for their quality and taste, made from people with passion and vision.