Orange Honey

Orange honey is very nutritious and particularly rich in trace elements. Scientific research has shown that trace elements have a high antiseptic effect, help in inflammation, coughing and gout. It has a wonderful aroma and excellent flavor. However, it crystallizes very soon, in one to two months. It is brightly colored and its color becomes white after crystallization. Honey from orange blossoms is produced in the rich Greek orange groves. There, the bees collect the orange nectar from which a very aromatic, and light honey is produced.


• Orange is an aromatic tree with rich essential oils and white flowers, which formerly referred to as medicinal.
• Contains substances with proven antioxidant activity through the free radical mechanism.
• Its crystallization time usually ranges from one to three months.

Healing properties

• It is antioxidant and has cosmetic properties.
• Helps to deal with migraine.
• It has anxiolytic and soothing effect.
• Contains vitamins that enhance body defense,
• Helps in the healing of gastritis.