Sweet almond rusks from the island of Astypalaia (Eliana Bakery) 350gr




A family recipe from Astypalaia island!
A delicious family recipe passed on from generations, with almond aroma and cinnamon.
The rich aromatic spice of cinnamon, the mild flavor of almonds and the unique attributes of extra virgin olive oil, make these handmade sweet bites enjoyable and stimulating any time of the day. Ideal energy booster during the day or after any meal.
Serving Suggestions
An excellent choice for your breakfast. Accompany every hot beverage (coffee, tea, chocolate, milk). Combine with hot, sweet red wine. Try it as a sweet, sprinkled with a little bit of Metaxa liqueur, adding cream and some fresh seasonal fruit.
Product Features
• Without preservatives
• No added sugar
• Handmade
• Double-baked
Package: 350 gr