Greek Olive Oil Extra Virgin of integrated management, olive variety Athinolia, PGI from Lakonia, Peloponnese (Molon Lave). Metal container 1l



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MOLON LAVE EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL OF LAKONIA: It comes from Sparta and Lakonic area of Greece, famous for its highest quality olive oil in the world. Our Group of Producers is following the cycle of environmental friendly practices in cultivation according to the Integrated Management System Standard. They are accordingly certified. MOLON LAVE is a highly differentiated Olive Oil because it is:

a) Exclusively obtained from olives of One Crop Year without undergoing any technical treatments following the method of cold extraction under 27o Our olives are pressing at most 48 hours after harvest in our certified olive mills. Our main olive variety is Athinolia.

b) Naturally clear method of production and bottling. Our olive oil becomes clear naturally after it precipitates in our tanks preserving all the beneficial ingredients, rich flavor and aroma. It is not mixed with other oils or harvest years.

c) Producer Identity in the label. It is the same olive oil our producers consume daily and are accustomed over the centuries. Scan the QR Code on the label and discover the Producer of our olive oil and the land which comes from.

Absolutely tested and certified.

It is recommended less amount per serving due to its density.