Organic red dry wine Merlot 750ml (Papaioannou Vineyards)




Merlot 100% from Papaioannou Estate that leaves us amazed once again and it is worth trying for its deep color, the aromas of ripe red fruits with sweet spices.

Vinification: Classic red winemaking. Aging for two years in oak barrel. It can be aged for 10 years

Tasting: Deep red color with aromas of sweet berries, cherry, raspberry and plum, alternating harmoniously with notes of cedar, spices, vanilla, bitter chocolate and nutmeg. In the mouth it is rich, with generous strong tannins, very good structure and intensely fruity with long aftertaste.

Harmony: It accompanies  spaghetti with minced meat, grilled fillet, grilled brisket as well as grilled beef or pork, and poultry.

Serve at 17 -18 degrees Celsius.