Organic rose dry wine with muscat of Alexandria and Limnio “Roseus” 750ml (Gkaralis Winery)




Roseus is a unique rosé from blending the main grape of Lemnos’ island, the floral Muscat of Alexandria, with the oldest referenced grape in the world and indigenous to the island’s volcanic soil, the spicy Limnio.

Grapes: Muscat of Alexandria 94% / Limnio 6%
Viticulture: Organic (certified)
Vinification: Blend of Muscat of Alexandria with a touch of Limnio, with the use of prepared organic yeast, and minimal filtration.
Notes: Intense tropical aromas with the added freshness and spiciness of the Limnio grape, and a crunchy, dry, and aromatic palate.

In the glass we have a soft salmon color. On the nose we find pleasant aromas of red fruits, citrus fruits, nuts, with notes of flowers to follow. The palate has a moderate body, crisp acidity and a good aftertaste.