Organic white wine with muscat of Alexandria “Terra Ambera” 750ml (Gkaralis Winery)




A Muscat of Alexandria with natural vinification. The vineyards are up to 45 years old and the wine has remained with the marcs for 8 days (skin contact), acquiring a vibrant lemon color.

A typical Muscat nose with floral aromas but with more depth and complexity than a simple expression of this variety. Aromas of candied apricot and butter. Unfiltered and with the addition of minimal sulfite during bottling. Rich in the mouth, pleasant, with little tannins and round acidity.

Light golden with magnificent amalgam of aromatic ascension and earthy promptness in the nose, filled with jasmine and honeysuckle flowers along with louiza and basil herbs, wrapped around the ripe citrus fruit, which gives off the sweetness of lemon cream and lemon curd.
Spicy tissue from freshly crushed coriander seeds and lemon zest, while the earthy dimension soothes the inflamed aromatic position as much as possible.

Very good, very mineral aftertaste, clearly spicy, with the earthy element balancing the botanical one.