Red dry wine, Agiorgitiko variety, “Nemea” 750ml (Nemea Winery)




The Signature Collection

Do you like high-end products? The series that expresses the style of the Winery. The best grapes from top vineyards and the high art of the Winemaker, which utilizes the most modern and technologiccaly advanced methods to express the maximum of the organoleptic characteristics of each variety.

-Protected Designation of Origin-

All the strenght of Agiorgitiko variety from the heart of NEMEA valley, and the fine art of the winemaker contributed to the creation of a superior and enjoyable wine. Deep ruby-red ​​color with intense and complex aromas. Dominated by gooseberry, cherry, sour cherry, as well as vanilla, coconut and sweet spices. Rich and round body, velvet tannins and balanced acidity. The intense, long-lasting, and vibrant aftertaste offers a unique experience.

Aged for 12 months in oak barrels.

Ideally served at 16 ° -18 ° C.