Saffron Biscuits from the island of Astypalaia (Eliana Bakery) 250gr



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A unique flavor from Astypalaia island.

An Astypalean trademark! They are made of Chlori, the local creamy soft cheese and wild saffron that grows spontaneously on the island.
The basic ingredients are Saffron and Chlori (the local soft cheese). Baked with milk, they contain high quality ingredients and a combination of spices which result to a slightly spicy aftertaste.
Serving Suggestions
Ideal with salads and soup. Try it with cheese and cold meats, with fresh vegetables and a little olive oil. They can accompany white wine. You can also enjoy them with cold, refreshing fruit, like watermelon, melon or grapes.
Product Features
• Without preservatives
• No added sugar
• Handmade
• Double-baked

Package: 250 gr