Traditional origano rusks from the island of Astypalaia (Eliana Bakery) 400 gr




Distinctive Greek flavor!
The definitive Greek flavour! Extra virgin olive oil and local wild oregano in a delicious bite!

The wild oregano that grows spontaneously on the northern mountain hills of the island, combined with extra virgin olive oil, make a savory and healthy treat. The beneficial properties of olive oil and the strong tonic and antiseptic action of oregano make these rusks an indispensable part of the Mediterranean diet. Ideal and healthy snack to maintain energy throughout the day.

Serving Suggestions
A tasty and healthy snack for each time of your day. Ideal for salads and soup. Try with cheese, sliced tomato and a bit of olive oil. Add olive tapenade and other spreads. Enjoy with marinated or smoked fish.
Product Features
• Without preservatives
• No added sugar
• Handmade
• Double-baked
Package: 400gr