Wholegrain rusks with olive-oil from the island of Astypalaia (Eliana Bakery) 400 gr



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Another healthy proposal for tasty treats in a balanced diet. The extra virgin olive oil and the whole-wheat flour make a healthy accompaniment for the whole day. Try them between your meals, with a variety of cheeses and sausages, soups, and salads.

Whole-wheat flour from soft wheat, malted with extra virgin olive oil, with the addition of a little salt to balance flavor and crisp texture.
Serving suggestions
Extremely healthy snack. Ideal for salads. Try with cheese, tomato and some olive oil. Enjoy with marinated or smoked fish. Add olive paste or other pastes.
Product characteristics
• Without preservatives
• No added sugar
• Handmade
• Double-baked
Packaging: 400 g