Flower honey

This honey category comes from the flower nectar of Greek nature.  The rich flora with the hundreds of different species of plants, many of which are unique in the world, contribute to produce a honey with wonderful aroma and light taste. At the same time, the great variety in flora provides an equally wide variety of biologically active substances that act synergistically in flower honey, and impart a number of beneficial properties, which help to improve the health of the human body.

Flower honey is ideal for children as it contains all the necessary nutrients for a complete diet.

It has a pearl color, it is viscous,  and crystallizes easily. It can be derived from all the flowers of Greek nature that bloom in July and August. From the bloomed slopes and valleys of the Greek countryside, bees mix natural nectar from a riot of wildflowers and wild helps encountered in their way, many of which are unique in the world.

The “sweetest” honey category of Greek nature with soft taste, light, with a balanced bouquet of flower scents.

The flower honey is produced by the nectar of flowers and contains pollen in varying proportions.

Therapeutic Properties
• helps with the proper functioning of digestion
• helps with the proper development of children
• gives energy and strength
• regulates the intestinal function
• enhances the function of the liver