The benefits of oatmeal in our diet

Oatmeal has become a favorite habit of those who want to keep their line. It is a natural food that provides our body with valuable information (soluble and insoluble fiber, antioxidants, B vitamins, etc.) and helps in its functions. Here are some of the benefits of oats.

  • It helps to reduce cholesterol to a great extent and hence to heart health. This claim has also been confirmed by the American Food and Drug Administration.
  • Oat contains the highest protein concentration compared to other cereals. 100 g Oat contains twice as much protein as 100 grams. Wheat, while being superior and more qualitative as protein.
  • Its soluble fiber absorbs a significant amount of water, resulting in satiety and weight management .
  • Oatmeal also boosts the immune system with selenium and vitamin E found in its composition .
  • According to recent studies oat consumption also contributes to lowering blood pressure .
  • It helps with the functions of our digestive system and can be integrated into the diet from an early age.
  • Recent scientific data show that oat consumption helps reduce the incidence of type 2 diabetes .
  • Consumption of oat helps psychology . In particular, it works beneficial in cases of depression, insomnia and fatigue while strengthening concentration.
  • It has inexhaustible ways of eating . At your breakfast you can make many tasty combinations with milk, yoghurt, fruits, nuts and more. You can also replace bread or toast in burgers.

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